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Terapia con animales - Daniela Ema Aguinsky

Daniela Ema Aguinsky's poetry merges the everyday with the transcendent.
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Terapia con animales
Daniela Ema Aguinsky

Language: Spanish


"Between Casi incendio mi cuarto con una vela (I almost set my room on fire with a candle) and Estoy enamorada (I'm in love) by Ellen Bass, takes place this book by Argentine writer and poet Daniela Ema Aguinsky. Each instant incinerates the previous one with unexpected grace. Not disturbing and not/previous, living in the present, illuminating the event before loosing it. The everyday merges with the transcendent: the period and a Synagogue coexist in the space of the poem without bothering each other.

In Terapia con animales (Animal Therapy), desire is transfigured into an object, the remains of a separation stay frozen in the freezer, of an infidelity, only the panties forgotten between the sheets.

Brief confidences dispose this original and solitary voice to find in love a vocative where to test the distance: Today I will not touch you / I will fast you". Fernanda Garcia Lao

Publisher: Paisanita Editora (2022)

Printed in Argentina

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