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TPP by Naty Menstrual

Poems, chronicles and stories by Naty Menstrual.
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Trava Puta Punk
by Naty Menstrual

Autobiographical / Narrative / Essay / LGTB+

In Spanish

This book collects stories, chronicles and poems Naty Menstrual.

"The passing of the years, the proximity of old age, of death. Fewer nights, some new pains, people who are not here anymore, people who are still there, new people.

In this birth I was not alone, there were people helping me to compile, to edit, and to organize. Writing saved me from many things, I exorcised my demons, I chased away ghosts. Write saves. Always raw, stark and direct. Neither half measures, nor lukewarmness. As I grow, I become more and more aware of how little time we have.

That's why, as the song says, YOU HAVE TO MAKE LOVE TO LIFE". Naty Menstrual

Naty Menstrual is a poet, writer, performer and travesti visual artist born in Buenos Aires , Argentina .

Publisher: La Libre (2022)

Weight: 250 g

Pages: 84
Dimensions: 21 x 15 cm
ISBN: 9789874878946

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