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No nacemos machos

Five essays to rethink being a man in patriarchy.
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No nacemos machos
Cinco ensayos para repensar el ser hombre en el patriarcado
(Five essays to rethink being a man in patriarchy)

This compilation of 5 essays in Spanish proposes to build a masculinity free of oppression and violence.
Published by Ediciones La Social (México) with essays by Guadalupe Rivera, Robert Kazandjian, Cecilia Winterfox, Kali Halloway, Javier Omar Ruiz Arroyave and Andrew Hernann.

"Men are taught from childhood not to show emotions or signs of weakness: to hide everything that brings him closer to the feminine. men have to consistently and periodically prove to be men and masculinity exists in opposition to the feminine and it is because of that is built in relation to us, the couples, the friends, colleagues". Cristian González Arriola

Pages: 63

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