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Mini Mamarracho by Liniers

An activities book for children in Spanish full of ideas where everything is possible.
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Mini Mamarracho

Children's activity book in SPANISH
From 5 years old

An activities book for children full of ideas where everything is possible. Learn how to draw a comic character step by step. Color going beyond the edges. Invent birds, trees, superpowers and furniture that defeats gravity. There are also two games to assemble and collect. Designed by Argentine comic writer Liniers. Ideal for teaching Spanish to young children, at home and in the classroom.

About the author: Liniers is the middle name of Ricardo Siri (born in Buenos Aires , 1973). He is an internationally known author that started his career making fanzines. His works appeared in Rolling Stone magazine, Spirou , Virginia Quarterly Review, La Mano and others. He publishes his comic strip Macanudo in several countries ( Brazil , Canada , France , Italy , among others). He has more than 10 books published in Argentina , Peru , Brazil , Spain , Canada , France and Italy . He lives in Vermont , with his wife Angie, his daughters Matilda, Clementina and Emma and his dog Elliot.

Publisher: La Editorial Común ( Argentina )

Dimensions 20 x 20

Weight: 146 gr

Pages 40

ISBN: 9789873795152

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