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Mayimbo (Paseos) - Angela Nzambi

Ángela Nzambi invites us to share her “walks” and “ramblings,” and to listen to her claims.
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Mayimbo (Paseos)
Angela Nzambi


Mayimbo (Walks) is the third work published by Ángela Nzambi in a few time: years marked by experimentation with traditional and innovative narrative forms in Hispano-African literature. Mayimbo (Paseos) erases borders between past and present, Africa and Spain , by adopting as its setting the inner world of the writer, a citizen of both countries. She invites us to share her “walks” and “ramblings,” and to listen to her claims.

In her previous works, the writer gives the spotlight in the narrative to other people so that they can talk about their experiences and aspirations. Now, the memory that remembers, the heart that feels, the intuition that dreams and imagines, and the mind that analyzes and reflects are yours: Angela Nzambi's. (…) Nzambi's "introspection exercise", which requires "an attempt to go back in time to review the steps taken", not only reviews the activities of the past year, but goes back further, until finding the firm foundations of the "identity signs" of his childhood and youth in Equatorial Guinea, which now form part of his way of understanding and interpreting his present between Africa and Spain. Rosemary Clark

Ángela Nzambi is an Equatorial Guinean writer, feminist and human rights activist based in Valencia , Spain . She has published three books: Ngulsi, Biyaare and Mayimbo; the later receiving the International Justo Bolekia Boleká Prize for African Literature in 2019.

Publisher Sial Pigmalion (2019) Casa de África
Pages: 149 p
Weight: 250 g
ISBN 978 84 17825 32 4

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