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Maravilladoras / Wonder-makers

Bilingual Poetry Anthology (English/ Spanish)
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Wonder-Makers Navigators of the times: Poetry / Maravilladoras Navegantes del Támesis: Poesía

Bilingual Poetry Anthology (English/ Spanish)

Authors: Marijo Alba-Sánchez, Mabel Encinas-Sánchez, M. Eugenia Bravo-Calderara, Sofia Buchuck-Gil, Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes, Isabel Ros-López. Triona Walsh (Cover Art)

“The rose of the winds inhabits the centre of the chest, the authors say. If this isn’t poetry, I don’t know what is. This is live poetry. Forceful work, a hymn to diversity, to the free spirit, to the decision not to let oneself be encased in somebody else’s formats which do not work, in boats which are not built for deep navigation. One is warned of the effort to reiterate the commitment to celebrate audacity, to encourage curiosity, to bet on a project, to this irrepressible desire to keep going, to tiptoe and stick one’s neck out in order to see what is on the other side of the wall.”

Odette Magnet, Chilean journalist and writer, author of Black Sand.

Victorina Press (2021)

343 pages

Dimensions: 130 × 2.5 × 198 cm

250 g

ISBN 978-1916905733

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