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La muela - Rosario Villajos

A disturbing and delirious novel, which is read with the intensity with a fire is admired.
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La muela
Rosario Villajos


Spanish narrative / Contemporary narrative

La muela by Rosario Villajos is a sharp, bittersweet and hilarious story about the disenchantment of adult life and the extreme precariousness that suffocates its protagonist in a hostile, frenetic and changing London .

It's 2013, and Rebeca flees from her family, from the mourning that has not been overcome by the death of her father and from a mother, almost blind, that she leaves in charge of her sister. She now seeks her place in London , where she survives on a fifty-hour-week job in a filthy garret shared with mice, on microwave soup, imaginary conversations with David Attenborough and her sister on the other end of the phone, as the only support. Her new friends and her future goals are as ephemeral as the effort to communicate in another language, and her loneliness becomes as deep as the hole where her tooth was.

La muela is a disturbing and delirious novel, which is read with the intensity with a fire is admired and which is destroyed with the same material dreams are made of.

About the author: Rosario Villajos dedicated her entire childhood to drawing, reading, and watching movies. Trained in Fine Arts, she has worked in the music, film, artistic and cultural industries. She is the author of the graphic novel Face (2017) and the novels Ramona (2019), La muela (2021), a delusional story about loneliness and precariousness in today’s society. In 2023 she won the 65th Biblioteca Breve de Seix Barral Prize with her book La educación física. She has lived in Córdoba, Seville , Granada , Barcelona , Montpellier and London . She currently resides in Madrid .

Publisher: Aristas Martinez Ediciones (2021)
Weight: 350 g

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