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La Lengua Universal - Juan Cruz Revello

Stories of Rolling Stones's fans around the world by Juan Cruz Revello
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La lengua universal
Fans de los Rolling Stones alrededor del mundo
BY Juan Cruz Revello


Since the fury of Elvis Presley and the Beatlemania, fans of popular music have been in the news often for their excessive displays of passion. A lot has changed since then and rock today is not – if it ever was – the exclusive heritage of teenagers with raging hormones: several generations have already made it an important part of their lives. But among music fans, those of the Rolling Stones are unlike those of any other artist. With decades of experience, the band has managed to grow not only an incalculable number of admirers but has given rise to an unique type of followers due to the perseverance and intensity with which they live that passion that reaches unsuspected limits.

Journalist Juan Cruz Revello tells some of the thousand stories of Rolling Stones fans following them through five continents and travelling the world to see the band in the most diverse settings.

Publisher: Gourmet Musical Ediciones - Argentina (2029)

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