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Hola Roma by Liniers

A a godfather's welcome comic/letter to her goddaughter.
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Hola Roma

Linier's welcome letter to her goddaughter. Roma Siri was born on November 6 in San Francisco , USA . Her parents, my brother Santi and his wife Pía, lived there. When they asked me to be their godfather I was very excited but time passed and distance prevented me from meeting my little goddaughter. What a strange feeling, loving so much someone that you haven't met yet. I was looking forward to welcoming you to this incredible place. And then I started writing and drawing… Hello, Rome ….

About the author: Liniers is the middle name of Ricardo Siri (born in Buenos Aires , 1973). He is an internationally known author that started his career making fanzines. His works appeared in Rolling Stone magazine, Spirou , Virginia Quarterly Review, La Mano and others. He publishes his comic strip Macanudo in several countries ( Brazil , Canada , France , Italy , among others). He has more than 10 books published in Argentina , Peru , Brazil , Spain , Canada , France and Italy . He lives in Vermont , with his wife Angie, his daughters Matilda, Clementina and Emma and his dog Elliot.

Publisher: La Editorial Común (Argentina)

Dimensions 13 x 13

Binding: soft cover

Weight: 81g

Pages: 64

ISBN: 9789873795282

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