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​Tango Zen by Chan Park / Walking Dance Meditation

Tango dancers and non-dancers alike to meditate and experience the Zen movement while dancing Tango.
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Tango Zen by Chan Park Walking Dance Meditation

Bilingual Spanish / English / Translator: Elisa Rosales

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Genre: Meditation / Tango / Wellbeing / Bilingual

What is Tango Zen? Tango Zen combines Zen meditation principles with Tango dancing. Tango Zen is meditation in motion and, if practiced properly may enable Tango dancers and non-dancers alike to meditate and experience the Zen movement while dancing Tango.

Tango Zen relates the meditative aspects of Buddhism to the mental and physical requirements of dancing.

Chan Park , author of Tango Zen: Walking Dance Meditation, has spent four years in Buenos Aires to discover that tango is about feeling, which is inspired by music and shared between partners connected through embrace while walking together in unison.

Tango has been proven to provide a wide range of benefits in terms of physical, mental, emotional and social aspects: for example including deeply satisfying feelings in life plus increased physical strength, enhanced flexibility and balance, reduced stress, boosted confidence and concentration, and enriched social life.

Would you like to meditate while dancing the Tango? Tango Zen is an innovative yet natural way of meditating while dancing the Tango. Referring to striking similarities between the two, this book will introduce methods through which Tango dancers and non-dancers can practice Tango Zen to experience and enjoy the wonderful benefits, which both Tango and Zen have to offer. Everybody knows meditation is a good thing. For example, Zen meditation, if practiced properly, can create balance, calmness, centering, and harmony in mind and body. However, it is difficult to meditate for many reasons. Meditation is mainly practiced while sitting with legs crossed to support and ground one’s body. Can we meditate while moving around instead of sitting down? Although it appears to be sedated and passive, Zen meditation can also be practiced in more active ways than the sitting posture. For example, walking meditation has been practiced among Buddhists since the Buddha himself practiced it. Other forms of Zen meditation in motion can also be found in sports and performing arts.

About the author

Chan Park is a writer, documentary film director, engineer, and tango dance instructor with expertise in many fields including university training in science and engineering, 20 years of engineering experience at NASA and patent law practice. Chan’s book, Tango Zen: Walking Dance Meditation, was published in 2005. For four years he lived in Buenos Aires , where he was able to immerse in the traditional Argentinean tango culture. In Buenos Aires he directed and produced his documentary film titled Tango Your Life. For many years he has offered the workshop based on his concept of tango in more than 24 countries. Now he lives in Switzerland with his wife Regina Bruckner.

Pages: 174

Dimensions: 11 cm x 15 cm

Printed in Argentina

ISBN 978 950 17 1032 8

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