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​Podría llevar cierto tiempo - Clara Muschietti

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Podría llevar cierto tiempo

Clara Muschietti

Poetry / Prose / IN SPANISH

Was it a dream that we both dreamed? Wanting to be corny all the time, having another heart instead of a brain. A heart that gallops like a horse through crossfire. And still, come out unscathed. The sadness of an animal, the face of a mature woman, the family and its primitive, very first forms, the beauty of peaches and the disappointment of them rotting.

Clara Muschietti is a poet and photographer, born in Buenos Aires in 1978. She published the books of poems La campeona de nado (2007), Karateca (2010), the personal anthology No sé qué creíste ( Puerto Rico , 2016), La canción que cantás (2020) and participated in various anthologies.

Publisher: Caleta Olivia (second edition 2020)

Pages: 60
20 x 14 cm

ISBN 978-987-4455-81-9

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