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​Hay gente que no sabe lo que hace - Alejandra Zina

Alejandra Zina's characters are alive and are linked to each other,
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Hay gente que no sabe lo que hace
Alejandra Zina

Language: Spanish

Narrative / Short Stories

More than the title of this collection of short stories, Hay gente que no sabe lo que hace (There are people who don't know what they are doing) seems a definition of the way in which Alejandra Zina's characters live and are linked to each other. A woman admitted to a nursing home decides to go and cut her long and envied hair. A young woman takes the daughters of her current partner to the zoo. A group of women attend the deterioration of one of them who, according to her husband, locked herself in a closet.

In the seven stories of this book, threat that reality, in general, banal, can become disturbing and break down. Alejandra Zina is especially concerned with quality and subtlety of detail. Almost microscopic interstices that she rescues to blow up the stability of the life of her characters.

Alejandra Zina was born in Buenos Aires . She has published two short story collections and a novel. In 2000 she co-edited, with Guillermo Korn, an anthology of erotic Argentinean literature. Her stories have been published in anthologies in Argentina , Mexico , and Spain . Zina teaches creative writing in the Escuela Nacional de Experimentación y Realización Cinematográfica in Buenos Aires.

Publisher: Paisanita Editora (2016)

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