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​Camellia. Mujeres que toman té - Antología de poetas latinoamericanas

Anthology of 49 wonderful women authors from Latin-America.
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Camellia. Mujeres que toman té
Antología de poetas latinoamericanas
Curated by Marisa Negri

Poetry Anthology in SPANISH

Camellia. Mujeres que toman té (Women Who Drink Tea) is an anthology of forty-nine Latin American poets that Marisa Negri brought together in a loving poetic ceremony. “Sixty-four poems, as many titles as there are hexagrams in the I Ching, which could be read by throwing three Chinese coins into the air,” says Marisa. Poems are presented with watchmaker precision into seven parts: Sanar (To heal), Crecer (To Grow), Leer (To Read), Ser (To Be), Amar (To Love), Olvidar (To Forget and Beber (To Drink).

This anthology invites the reader to travel the trails of tea. Poetry and tea walk together and go through scenes of daily life in which tea is a ritual. A starting point and an aromatic destination with spices that pair with the voices of 49 wonderful authors from Latin-America.

Publisher: Tanta Ceniza (2022)
ISBN 978 987 86 9507 5

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