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femiñetas: Feminist Newspaper in Spanish

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femiñetas is a collective and self-managed feminist and illustrated newspaper.

It is a newspaper colour printed with great vignettes and articules. femiñetas is published in Barcelona ( Spain ) and Rosario ( Argentina ) with an inter sectional look that spreads across several cities around the world. More than 150 illustrators and journalists have already participated at the newspaper.

Language: SPANISH

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Issue 07

Women and girls exploited in confined spaces and working hours of more than 14 hours. The clothes you are wearing do you know where they are made? Our rights are not fashionable. Almost half a year after the events of October, we explain how and why Chile woke up, as well as how the performance of Las tesis became a hymn against male violence. The revolution of the Satisfayer. Tinder, the most known dating app and its profiles from hell to laugh.

Pages 24
Issue #06

The earth screams

While the Amazon burns, climate change is constantly growing and food production puts what we eat in crisis, feminism politicizes even ecology. Is it the Anthropocene stage? Life at the centre and the lives of rural feminists. Illustrated profile of the historian Dora Barrancos. Maternity wards can be cruel if there are no networks. Trans power. And all the coverage of festival femiñetas.

Pages 24
Issue #05

Relations in times of feminism and Tinder.

Love in times of feminism and Tinder. Love further than ever between mismatch stories and algorithms. The wild one. My blood. Empowerment Vs Machismo.

Pages 24
Issue #04

Functional diversity.

How to think a comprehensive model of citizenship for everyone. Motherhood will be desired or will be not. #8M Reasons to go on strike.

Pages 24
Issue #03

A fight towards equal rights.

Women who made and are making history. Central gift poster. Trauma of survivors. The rebellion of the victims. The resistance of thousands who try to survive amid the Plan Frontera Sur (Mexico).

Pages 20
Issue #02

Female, transgender and non-binary DJ in the electronic music scene organize, audit in festivals to achieve equity, create community and have their own agency, called femnoise. The green tide. (La marea verde). # 8A multiplied in thousands of people that wish freedom and autonomy to decide on their bodies. Invisibles: feminized identities.

Pages 16
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