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Voices from Here and There Bundle Books

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Vo(i)ces (Voces), Un Nuevo Sol: British Latinx Writers and Metáforas de dos mundos (Sonia Quintero)
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Voices from Here and There Bundle brings three books of recognized and novel British Latinx Writers at a discount price.

Vo(i)ces (Voces) Bilingual Anthology in Spanish / English
Various Authors
Victorina Press in collaboration with Friends of Alice Publishing
Genre: Narrative / Anthology / Short stories

This bilingual poetry anthology includes the ten winning entries and the commendations of the Victorina Press Poetry Award Voices 2018, both in the original language and in translation.

Un Nuevo Sol: British Latinx Writers
Anthology / Non Fiction / Fiction / Poetry / Narrative / Migration
Flipped Eye Publishing
Language: English

Authors: Leo Boix, Katherine Lockton, Gael Le Cornec, Patricia Longhitano, Luiza Sauma, Juana Adcock, Maia Elsner, Armando Celayo, Marina Sánchez and Karina Lickorish Quinn. Edited by Nathalie Teitler and Nii Ayikwei Parkes

Un Nuevo Sol: British LatinX Writers is the first major anthology of UK-based writers of Latin American heritage, a vibrant, new vanguard in British literature. Representing a community that is the eighth biggest in London , one of the fastest growing and best educated, numbering over 200,000 nationally, the work featured here includes fiction, poetry and theatre that exhibits the stunning fluidity with which the writers inhabit their hybrid heritage.

Metáforas de dos mundos
Poetry by Sonia Quintero
Language: Spanish

This is a journey through imaginary lands, those other dimensions that lie undercover in our dreams and nightmares. As its author, the Colombian poet Sonia Quintero says: "This book is dedicated the the nightmares that are deeply hidden in my nights, under my pillow. The ones that wake me up, the ones that steel my sleep... Also dedicated to my mother, who taught me to transform the pain into art".

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