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Una Caperucita llamada Libertad by Paula Alfieri Ferreres

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Una Caperucita llamada Libertad
A Little Red Riding Hood called Libertad (freedom)

Author: Paula Alfieri Ferreres with illustrations by Aldana Antoni
Ed. Chirimbote (2019)

Genre: Education / Gender Studies / Feminism / Children
Recommended ages: 7 to 14 years old

Language: SPANISH

Una Caperucita llamada Libertad is a different look of a children story told thousands of times. A mix of the classics, but narrated from the point of view of a teenage Red Riding Hood who follows her own wishes and seeks her freedom.

The book was written by a clown (Paula Alfieri Ferreres) as an oral and interactive story, with a lots of humour and irony, but it is also a useful guide to work on multiple contents talking about caring of the body, bullying, violence, stereotypes, assigned roles according to gender, etc.

Includes activities to do while reading the book.

This book can be used as an educational resource at the classroom.

Soft binding

Dimensions: 15 x 20 cm

Pages: 32
ISBN 978-987-47290-3-3

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