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Tríada Sin Coronita. Antiguía De Antiprincesas

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Tríada sin coronita: Antiguía de Anti-Princesas

Authors: Nadia Fink and Pitu Saá

Editorial: Chirimbote

Language: SPANISH

Recommended ages: 6 to 13 years old

Genre: Narrative - Children - Feminism

Illustrated biography that brings together the life of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo; Chilean musician Violeta Parra and the fighter for the liberation of Latin America , Juana Azurduy.

Includes practical activities related to Frida Kahlo, Violeta Parra and Juana Azurduy life and a guide to be an anti-princess while rethinking about stereotypes, equality and gender.

4 books in 1 with 96 pages in full colour.

Dimensions: 22 x 22 cm

ISBN 978 987 42 6790 0

Printed in Argentina (2018)

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