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'Ni una menos desde los primeros años', 'El arte del colibrí' by Sonia Quintero and 'La Tundra Magazine'
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The Green Bundle: Ni una menos desde los primeros años, El arte del colibrí by Sonia Quintero and La Tundra Magazine issue #33 (Cuerpo/ The Body Issue)

Ni una menos. Desde los primeros años

Authors Cecilia Merchán and Nadia Fink (compilators) Language: Spanish
Educational / Genre education / Feminism

A book looking for answers and raising proposals for a more equalitarian society. When do we start talking about these topics? Childhood seems to be the obvious answer which will let us to erase prejudices and gender roles that are attributed traditionally from the moment we are born.

El arte del colibrí
Poetry by Sonia Quintero / Language: Spanish

Sonia Quintero's poetry is emotional, raw, deep. Words that pierce the soul and transport the reader to the dimension where all pain can be healed through words.

La Tundra Magazine (In Spanish)

#Issue 33

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