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The Autobiography in Spanish Books Bundle

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The Autobiography in Spanish Bundle with Camila Sosa Villada + Cecilia Szperling
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The Autobiography in Spanish Bundle: La novia de Sandro by Camila Sosa Villada + La máquina de proyectar sueños (Autobiographic fable) by Cecilia Szperling + 'Igual que un cuerpo' short autobiographical stories.

1 - La novia de Sandro by Camila Sosa Villada

Language: ‎SPANISH (Argentina)

'To cross the mysteries of transvestite love, Camila is armed with her voice of syrup and the amulets that she knew how to build in the intensity of the night. Sometimes she loves and other times she hates, she desires and she's desired, mixing sorrow and happiness in each of the bodies she's spilled. For that she engenders carnivorous verses and docile plants that live at the balconies that her studs inhabit. Huge magician, we can only stretch our necks to see her bleeding, burning and laughing to the world.

In her autobiography, the mother rented to another family, the fatigue of the father in his fight against poverty, the lover's beloved, the dead friends...

The reader's heart that is encouraged to travel the wild beauty of this book will not be able to escape unscathed.' Prologue by Dolores Reyes

Publisher: Tusquets Editores (2021)
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 80 pages

About the author: Camila Sosa Villada (Argentina / 1982) is the author of La novia de Sandro (2015), the essay El viaje inútil (2018) and the novels Las malas (2019) and Tesis sobre una domesticación (2019). Las malas was considered one of the best novels of 2019.

2 - La máquina de proyectar sueños (Autobiographic fable) by Cecilia Szperling

Publisher: Interzona
Pages: 176

Language: SPANISH (Argentina)
Cover Illustration Flavia Da Rin

All happy families look alike, while unhappy families are each one unique. Cecilia Czperling writes a book, a fable that seems to have been translated from her Polish ancestors and that has something in between a dream and Bruno Schultz's great stories. A powerful narrative of a unique Latin American writer that grows oscillating between a happy family and an unhappy one, between her childish candor and the start of her teenager years. (Fabián Casas)

Cecilia Szperling was born in Buenos Aires . She is a writer, journalist, performer and creator of literary series, radio and TV shows. She published El futuro de los artistas, Relatos (1997) Fundación Antorchas Award. Selección natural (2006), Clarín Prize finalist novel translated into English and published in the UK . La máquina de proyectar sueños, (Editorial Interzona 2016). As an anthologist and prologue writer, Confesionario 1 and 2 (Eudeba).

3 - Igual que un cuerpo y otros relatos autobiográficos Curated by Cecilia Szperling

Language: Spanish
Limited edition. Pages: 60 p printed on uncoated paper
Publisher: La Tundra Revista (2021)

Autobiographical stories in Spanish is written by a group of novel writers who dared to put words to their own experiences. Igual que un cuerpo y otros relatos autobiográficos is a beautiful collective printed fanzine of autobiographical stories that represents the path of the workshop taught by Argentine writer Cecilia Szperling at La Tundra Magazine.

A way to discover, in some way, that our own voice is always with us and the only thing we have to do is to let it free.

Prologue by Cecilia Szperling. Autobiographical stories by Marie Arbelo, Lili Brik Levi, Silvia Demetilla, María Isabel Eliash O'shee, Nicolás Pili, Nati Romero, Paloma Rubin, Carla Tofano and Luis Edoardo Torres. Cover and illustrations by Nati Romero

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