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Mientras es cuando - Lourdes Landeira (SPANISH edition)

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Mientras es cuando
By Lourdes Landeira

Language: SPANISH ( Uruguay )

Publisher: Hora Mágica ( Argentina ) 2021

Genre: Autobiographical short stories.

"The cosmogony that Lourdes Landeira reveals to us starts from the sky, the stars, the milky way to put together a series of constellations that unite family ties and those of others.

An elliptical and demanding poetic prose that takes us out into the open space –from heaven to earth, from the skin to the furrows–, eager to unveil the mystery of its cosmos". Sonia Santoro

About the author: Lourdes Landeira is a writer that was born in Montevideo (Uruguay) in the midst of a large family led by women. With a feminist view of the world, in 1985 she emigrated to Buenos Aires. From that experience she began to reflect on uprooting and orphanhood, but also on the power of the interstitial.

Pages: 160 p / 20 cm x 14 cm

Weight: 220 g

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