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Metáforas de dos mundos by Sonia Quintero

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Metáforas de dos mundos

Poetry by Sonia Quintero

Language: Spanish

This is a journey through imaginary lands, those other dimensions that lie undercover in our dreams and nightmares. As its author, the Colombian poet Sonia Quintero says: this book is dedicated the the nightmares that are deeply hidden in my nights, under my pillow. The ones that wake me up, the ones that steel my sleep... Also dedicated to my mother, who taught me to transform the pain into art".

"The poet is the healer of a society that is sick, a revolutionary who transforms suffering, loneliness and injury into paper, brush and truth. For this reason, as a poet I write poetry, to heel wounds. A poet is a sorcerer, a mystic, a hero".

Sonia Quintero is a Colombian London based poet, cultural promoter, community builder, dreamer and change maker. Founder and organizer of Newham Poetry Group

Dimensions: 14.5 x 21 cm
Pages: 61

ISBN 978 958 46 7337 4

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