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​La máquina de proyectar sueños by Cecilia Szperling

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La máquina de proyectar sueños (Autobiographic fable)

by Cecilia Szperling


Language: SPANISH (Argentina)

Cover Illustration Flavia Da Rin

All happy families look alike, while unhappy families are each one unique. Cecilia Czperling writes a fable that seems to have been translated from her Polish ancestors and that has something in between a dream and Bruno Schultz's great stories. A powerful narrative of a unique Latin American writer that grows oscillating between a happy family and an unhappy one, between her childish candor and the start of her teenager years. (Fabián Casas)

La máquina de proyectar sueños - Fabula autobiográfica (Autobiographic fable) is an interesting story because it seems disguised as what we call an initiation novel, but it also contains many other elements that give it originality and complexity, as is this case, the poetic author's style. (Interzona)

I am ten years old. The machine that projects dreams do what it has to do: it remembers in present time —to the misfortune of the narrator—, condemned to relive everything with the clarity of a hallucination, but in the other hand for the reader's delight, we witness a slideshow of this lively girl, lunatic girl, which begins in the terror of the night and ends —or begins again— taking the shape of literature. (Alan Pauls)

About the author:

Cecilia Szperling was born in Buenos Aires . She is a writer, journalist, performer and creator of literary cycles, radio and TV shows. She published El futuro de los artistas, Relatos (1997) Fundación Antorchas Award. Selección natural (2006), Clarín Prize finalist novel translated into English and published in the UK . La máquina de proyectar sueños, (Editorial Interzona 2016). As an anthologist and prologue writer, Confesionario 1 and 2 (Eudeba).

Pages 176
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Size 13 cm x 21 cm

ISBN 978-987-3874-30-7

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