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La buena estrella. Relatos tejidos en viaje por Amé​rica - Josefina Garzillo

These travelling chronicles through Latin-America are narrated with affection and solidarity.
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La buena estrella. Relatos tejidos en viaje por América
Josefina Garzillo


Publisher: Madreselva

In a small notebook, Josefina draws the stories, dreams and colours that she collects on a dreamlike journey, on the borders between chronicle and fiction. She writes on short and long distance buses, in temporary rooms and distant hamlets, on windy beaches, in steep mountains or wild rivers. She transcribes what she sees, feels and what she's told. The stories become cooking recipes and stories of everyday life and the resistance of the people, their love for their land and their simple lives. As in a map made of a deck of cards to be shuffled and dealt again, in La buena estrella (The Good Star), Latin-American geography detaches itself from its postcards for the tourists and puts together a sketch without borders. These travelling chronicles are narrated with affection and solidarity, in short, of the good life that beats in the depths of Abya Yala.

Pages: 288
Dimensions: 20 x 13 cm
Weight: 340 g
ISBN 978 987 3861 67 3

Travel chroniques / Latin-America

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