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La Tundra - Cuerpo (Body) Printed Issue

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Magazine 1: La Tundra Magazine CUERPO The BODY Issue
Cover: Fernando Mendoza

PRINTED COPY Size A5. 68 pages
Uncoated paper


• Corpus. By Edo Brenes
• Neila Pascual. Shelters: Uncovered
• Body, death and rituals. By Belinda del Camino and Zumbambico
• Javier Cercas: History never repeats itself exactly but with different masks. Interview by Adelaida Monguillot and Ana Rivadulla Crespo
• Ariana Harwicz: Writing is a subversive act
• Naty Menstrual: I was born again at thirty
• Tattoo, a symbolic mechanism. By Noelia Perrelli and Antonio Di Pierro
• Lázaro Almenares: Everyone can be a bodybuilder
• Carla Tofano: My perception of the body is ethereal and metaphysical.
• Notes to myself. By José Crúzio
• The Iberian wolf. From myth to reality
• The body and the girl. By Julia Amigo and Romina Lardiés
• The flower. By Laura Jaramillo Duque and Guiomar González
• One Fifty-Five. By Eugenia Sestini and Adriana Tejero
• This is my flesh that lashes out. By Érika Jansen and Josefina Repetto
• Uncertain science. By Alexis Degrik and Vivian Pantoja
• The London Spanish Book & Zine Fair
• Being, a body and its symbols. By Dra. Ana Rivadulla Crespo
• With illustrations by Miguel Galau Piqueras, Estibaliz Palau Barreiro, María Laura, Monguillot, Trini Quito, Adriana Tejero, Vivian Pantoja, Zumbambico, Romina Lardiés, Ana Olivera, Dolores Pardo, Mitucami Mituca, Josefina Repetto, Vivian Pantoja, Mitucami Mituca, Guiomar Gonzalez and Flora Marquez.
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