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La Gran 7 - Autographical comic by Flora Márquez

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La Gran 7 is an autobiographical comic by the Argentine cartoonist Flora Márquez. With her great pencil and carefree texts, Flora draws in a vignette style about what she keeps in her pockets, some guilty pleasures, her main enemies, her recurring dreams, tocs, diet, weaknesses, suffering for love and the day she was born, among other anecdotal dates and situations.

La Gran 7 is a comic that, at times will make you smile and, at others, it will make you to recognize yourself in some of the passages, because, ultimately, some experiences are not just funny or surreal, but universal.

In Argentina , La Gran 7 means in colloquial language, tremendous or excessive. It comes from the card game Truco where the seven of spades is the third most important card.

Pages: 24

Dimensions: 15 cm x 21 cm

Language: SPANISH ( Argentina )


Printed in Argentina

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