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Intrépidas - Issue 4 / Magazine for girls in Spanish

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Intrépidas is a Magazine in Spanish for girls and pre-teens, 8 to 13 years old, with information, practical activities, laboratory, geography, biology, stories of intrepid women and girls, puzzles, comics, etc.

A colorful magazine with great illustrations, reading and activities for both Spanish language native speakers or for learning for children and teenagers. The aim of the magazine is to awake the girls curiosity and, at the same time, invite them to be creative and inventive.

In its 36 pages the magazine includes: interviews with women of science and art, experiments, comics, humor, info graphics, games, testimonies and exchanges between girls from different parts of the world.

The magazine your mom would have wanted to read when she was a girl!

Issue 4: How I became an investigator. Native species of Argentina . How to create your own starry sky, the human body, stories, puzzle, etc.

Lots of fun while learning about intrepid women and girls!

Size: A5

Pages: 36

Printed in Argentina

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