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Indie Poetry Bundle in Spanish

Three Poetry books by indie authors Sonia Quintero, Xaviera Ringeling and Luis Elvira-Sierra in Spanish
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Three Poetry books by indie authors Sonia Quintero, Xaviera Ringeling and Luis Elvira-Sierra in Spanish

1- Metamorfosis by Sonia Quintero

The most recent poetry book by the London based Colombian author Sonia Quintero, published in 2020 during the pandemic.

2- Nuevos modos de ser en cocinas diferentes by Luis Elvira-Sierra

'If social criticism means showcase the uni-dimensionality of life and personality dictated by today's capitalist and consumerist society, mediocre and radically stupid, we will undoubtedly find it in Nuevos modos de ser en cocinas diferentes (New ways of being in different kitchens) by Luis Elvira-Sierra. Now, if with this we identify a kind of poetry that aims to shout slogans with raised fists and fiery thoughts, it's not the case. Because here there aren't banners with different slogans, nor concessions to the good conscience of bourgeois culture; there is, yes, resistance. Resisting, above all, to the imperialism of the common sense, to the sentences that don't admit opposites, breaking the chain of meanings that are quickly digested with the docility of the grandmother's recipe transmuted into the McDonalds's hamburger, that are both sides of the same thing. Resisting to a dehumanized world but also to the hypocritical humanism of stereotyped speeches.' Enrique D. Zattara

3- Alba by Xaviera Ringeling

Alba announces and states the awakening. The awakening of a poetic voice cultivated for more than twenty years away from the public eye, the awakening of a basal trust that breaks ego’s bond, the awakening of a verse and storm identity. Alba is also fruit and reflection of our shared and painful humanity; the terrible-stunning beauty of being and ceasing to be at every moment.

In Alba the spirit discovers its intimate, inescapable belonging to a fleeting wilderness phoenix inexorably present in its exile. The poetic voice rebels against and plunges into cities only to meet itself and dissolve into the invisible love underneath everything, that hidden imperishable meaning of residing in the present.

As the first poetry book by Xaviera Ringeling, Alba represents only the initial opening, thus becoming a promise, a proclamation of what is coming.

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