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In Vitro by Isabel Zapata

​In vitro is a poignant pregnancy essay by Mexican writer Isabel Zapata
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In vitro by Isabel Zapata

Language: Spanish
Publisher: Almadía Ediciones (2021)
Pages: 163

In vitro is a pregnancy essay. In the book, the writing finds its way through uncharted territory. In the laboratory, under the watchful eye of the microscope, fertilization is also rehearsed. Pregnancy and writing happen on that threshold of possibilities.

Isabel Zapata passes a torch –or a lens– on an experience that seems to exist in a tiny darkness. While life makes its way into a Petri dish, the author asks questions that reveal the harshness of a treatment marked by uncertainty. How is the desire to be a mother articulated? Is there really a resolved duel? With what voice does what we keep silent speak? Who is part in childbirth? In In Vitro the hidden is revealed as a daughter begins to take shape.

"Zapata's collection of essays shows not only his own richness and use of language, but also his poetic and philosophical voice. Like in an empty pool Zapata invites us to think and rethink the way poetry and reflection are in the things that surround us daily ".
Alejandra Márquez, Let's talk writers

"Her ability to string together thoughts and topics that apparently have nothing to do with her is her greatest ability and what will most likely lead her to be the next great Mexican observer and writer".
Paula Velasco, Gatopardo

About the author:

Isabel Zapata (Mexico City, 1984) is a writer, translator, and editor. She is the author of Ventanas adentro (poetry, Ediciones Urdimbre, 2002); Las noches son así (poetry, Broken English, 2018); Alberca vacía / Empty Pool (essays, Argonáutica/UANL, 2019, translated by Robin Myers); and Una ballena es un país (poetry, Almadía, 2019). Her critical and creative work has appeared in Periódico de Poesía (UNAM), Letras Libres, Este País, The Common, Waxwing, and World Literature Today, among others. In 2016-2017, she received a FONCA Young Artists grant for poetry. In 2015, she and four friends founded the press Ediciones Antílope, which publishes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

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