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Guerra de soda (Jazmín Varela) + Todas Cuerdas + La Tundra

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Book 1: Guerra de soda by Jazmín Varela

Editorial Maten al mensajero

Genre: Illustrated novel / Comic (recommended ages: young adults and adults)

Language: Spanish

Cycling persecutions, divorces, summers with grandparents and heads with lice. In this book Jazmín Varela is a tricky and sensitive girl who goes through a childhood that scares her a lot. Build on a mutant terrain of the fanzine, she achieves a rough and festive portrait without engulfing herself in the total closing of the autobiographical and stretching the anecdotal to its most revealing sides.

Printed in Argentina (2017)
ISBN 9789874648068
Dimensions: 21x 29,7 cm
Bookbinding: Soft cover
76 pages, colour

Book 2: Todas cuerdas by Romina Freschi

Editorial Hekht

Genre: Poetry (recommended ages: young adults and adults)

Language: Spanish

Beauty is just one of many faces. Beauty, certainty, selfishness, madness, substance, appearance, hypocrisy, evil, justice, crying, irony, childhood, songs, dawn, once, a colour. All this coincides with well-being. Even in what was once horrifying. Is that the beauty? Is there an identity between beauty, life and poetry? Well-being and its continuity, and then, work and rest, inner freedom, within the world, in our universe, as far as we imagine and build it, but what surprises us.

Printed in Argentina (2017)
ISBN 978 987 46481 2 9
Dimensions: 20 x 14 cm
Bookbinding: Soft cover
48 pages, cover colour, text black and white

Magazine 1: La Tundra Issue #28

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