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Feminismos Populares. Pedagogías y Políticas - Compilation by Claudia Korol

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Feminismos Populares. Pedagogías y Políticas
Popular feminism. Pedagogies and Policies

Compilation by Claudia Korol

Genre: Feminism
Editorial Chirimbote (2016)

These pages tell about the struggle of peasant, indigenous, urban women, dissident women, lesbians, and transvestites, women from Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba and Palestine. Women who are encouraged to build popular power from anti-patriarchal and socialist initiatives, who face various oppressions, who make the right to decide over their own bodies. Popular feminism. Pedagogies and Policies was kneaded by different hands. Some of the articles were born in popular education workshops, others were the result of dialogues with colleagues, experiences of women whom, from different latitudes have been weaving rebellious and creative resistance, have been adding their stories to this publication.

Claudia Korol is a feminist communicator, member of the Pañuelos en Rebeldía popular education team and researcher at the Center for Research and Training in Latin American Social Movements. She hosts the radio shows Espejos Todavía (FM La Tribu, Buenos Aires) and Aprendiendo a Volar (Fm La Tecno, Avellaneda).

264 pages.

Dimensions: 22 x 15 cm

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