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En la calle Mayor by Virginia Gil Rodríguez

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En la calle Mayor by Virginia Gil Rodriguez

Language: SPANISH

Young adults / Narrative / Spanish literature

In the Calle Mayor of an old and walled city, surprising events will happen. In a few days the lives of many people will change. A girl who has seen her father disappear in broad daylight, a mother devoid of emotions, a sour couple, an opulent and complaining old woman, a lonely child, an accelerated father, a grumpy and severe teacher. Their lives will change, but perhaps not as they expect or imagine. By the way, I haven't introduced myself, I am the Storyteller angel...

This book has a second part: En el Corazón de París

About the author: Virginia Gil Rodríguez. Spanish writer author of En la Calle Mayor, En el Corazón de París, La pintura de la voz, Clara and 57 segundos.

Pages: 128

ISBN 978 1523 831852

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