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Book 1: Educando a Rolando by Romina Ferrer

Editorial Chirimbote

Genre: Feminism / Comic

Language: Spanish

Feminism is here to stay. We already know that well. But just as we have been thinking for children, for girls, for teachers and older people, we did not want to leave out the men who still believe that feminists hate them, or that it is a movement against them. Dare to turn the page and we can build a fairer world in which all worlds fit.

Through an accessible and funny comic, Romina Ferrer refers to terms and looks about what it means, for example 'death to the male' (muerte al macho), the inclusive language, the stereotypes that accompany children from birth, the work at home that is an exclusive task for women, etc. And, as it couldn't be otherwise, all this dialogue is made with a lot of humour, because, from that place the author proposes a continue way of thinking in order to change things leading to a more equal world.

Printed in Argentina (2015)
ISBN 978-987-47290-2-6
Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm
Bookbinding: Soft cover
24 pages

Newspape r 1: femiñetas #6: The earth screams

Issue #6: The earth screams: While the Amazon burns, climate change is constantly growing and food production puts what we eat in crisis, feminism politicizes even ecology. Is it the anthropocene stage? Life at the centre and the lives of rural feminists. Illustrated profile of the historian Dora Barrancos. Maternity wards can be cruel if there are no networks. Trans power. And all the coverage of festival femiñetas.

About the newspaper: femiñetas is a collective and self-managed feminist and illustrated newspaper. It is a newspaper colour printed and vignettes. femiñetas is published in Barcelona ( Spain ) and Rosario ( Argentina ) with an intersectional look that spreads across several cities around the world. More than 150 illustrators and journalists have already participated at the newspaper.

Pages 24

Language: Spanish

Magazine 1: La Tundra Issue CUERPO (Body)

Autumn 2019 #33 - Printed Edition - Cover: Fernando Mendoza
Size A5. Cover 350 g. 62 pages 120 g. Uncoated paper.

Language: Spanish


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