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De Memoria: Entre Arpilleras y Carbón de Piedra by Arinda Ojeda Aravena

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De Memoria: Entre Arpilleras y Carbón de Piedra

by Arinda Ojeda Aravena

Language: Spanish

Victorina Press / First Edition (2020)

De Memoria: Entre Arpilleras y Carbón de Piedra is a book in which the author, Arinda Ojeda Aravena, dares to remember her past despite the pain that memories bring. The narrative begins with Arinda's clandestine arrival to Chile after her exile in Italy and Cuba , and installs the reader in a scenario of different events and memories that range from her kidnapping in 1981, a CNI operation and her release.

The book shows the perverse and bloody military dictatorship in Chile , which, in complicity with national and international organizations, violates human rights with impunity. The fragility of bodies subjected to harassment and humiliation is contrasted in the narration with the inner strength, solidarity and sisterhood of men and women whose only crime was to resist and persistently survive in a dictatorial and military environment of forced disappearances, torture and murders. Arinda embodies her own stubborn resistance in the title of her first collection of poems: Mi Rebeldía es Vivir (My Rebellion is to live).

Arinda's book can be framed in an individual and collective memory at the same time.

About the author: Arinda Ojeda Aravena was born in Temuco , Chile , on January 19. She is an analyst chemist and has a diploma in Gender Studies from the University of Concepción . She is a USUI Reiki Master and Biodanza teacher (SRT). Exonerated, exiled and survivor of the civic-military dictatorship.

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ISBN 9 781999 369682


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