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Crónicas Metereológicas by Esdian Boyadjian - Perpetual calendar in Spanish

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A perpetual calendar in Spanish to read in both hemispheres by Esdian
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Crónicas Metereológicas (Meteorological Chronicles) by Esdian Boyadjian, a perpetual calendar in Spanish to read in both hemispheres*

Crónicas Metereológicas is an invitation to read the passage of time using the senses. That is why it is a calendar.

*Note that the external cover could be different than the main picture. The calendar itself is the same for all. The calendar is a booklet and it's possible to make annotations at some pages.

In the center, a subjective map to guide us on a journey to the future.

The past in front of us and the future behind us. Sometimes it is necessary to go backwards, sometimes forwards. Recalculate. But we are leaving clues along the way so as not to get lost using our memory, always. Illustrated by seven illustrators who met from one side of the Atlantic to the other

Publisher: Hora Mágica Ediciones (Argentina)

Paper: Glossy

Binding: Hand sewn

Language: Spanish

Dimensions: 15 cm x 20 cm

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