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Contra-pedagogias de la crueldad by Rita Segato

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Contra-pedagogías de la crueldad
by Rita Segato

Prometeo Libros

Language: Spanish

Anthropologist Rita Segato calls "cruelty pedagogy" to all the acts and practices that teach, habituate and program subjects to change and transform what is alive and its vitality into things.

Sexual assault and sexual exploitation of women, for example, are acts of robbery and consumption of the body that constitute the most precise language with which the objectification of life is expressed.

Rita Laura Segato is an Argentine academic, who has been called "one of Latin America 's most celebrated feminist anthropologists" and "one of the most lucid feminist thinkers of this era".

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ISBN 9789875 749115

Pages: 146 / 23 cm x 16 cm

Publisher: Prometeo Libros (4th Edition) 2018

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