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Beyond - Photo Essay by Moon Lake Language

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Beyond is an experimental photographical essay by Moon Lake Language​
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Beyond is an experimental photo essay by Moon Lake Language that brings together a selection of analog photographs taken between 2015 and 2019.

Genre: Photographic essay

Language of texts: English / Spanish

Spontaneity is one of the main characteristics of this experimental photo essay by Moon Lake Language.

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Portrays of situations and characters that are repeated because they are part of a common scenario: the neighborhood, the suburbs, the everyday life and its vulnerability.

What is what lies behind a photograph, the motive? An effort to portray something that already we know as impossible.

Publisher: Hora Mágica Ediciones (2020) Printed in Argentina

Binding: Artesanal / Hand made

Paper: Glossy

Dimensions: 10 cm x 14.5 cm

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