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Batido de trolo by Naty Menstrual

Batido de trolo is a compilation of short stories and poetry BY Naty Menstrual
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Batido de trolo

Author: Naty Menstrual

Editores Ignorantes (Argentina)

Language: SPANISH (and signed by the author)

Genre: Narrative / Erotic / Fiction / LTGBI

Naty Menstrual is a writer and performer. She began to crossdress in the 90's while performing and reading her own literary production on the under circuit of the City of Buenos Aires . Some critics define her literature as transvestite-trash while other consider it within the tradition of erotic literature. She collaborates with the supplements Soy and Las 12 of the Argentine newspaper Página 12. Naty Menstrual is the author of the books Continuadísimo, Batido de trolo and Poesía recuperada.

Batido de trolo is a compilation of short stories (some published on Page 12) and poetry.

232 pages

21 cm X 14 cm

Second edition. Printed in Argentina (2019)

ISBN 978 987 783 761 2

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