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Apericuentos by Alba Garcia Marcos

A journey of reflection through short stories with flavour, smell and taste
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Apericuentos. Bocados de letras (copies signed by the author)

Author: Alba García Marcos

Publisher: Círculo Rojo (2020)

Language: Spanish

'If we could try again the flavours of our childhood we would surely travel to the confines of our memory and we would see the people, places and situations that never left us completely.

In Apericuentos, Alba García Marcos takes us into a journey of reflection through short stories that have flavour, smell and taste: her grandmother's bread, the sea salt, a picture in the dentist's waiting room, the tea ceremony...

As well as food, these short stories fall into categories: salty, spicy, bitter, sweet, acid and unami. A caress to our heart '. La Tundra Revista

This is the first book in the Apericuentos series by Alba García Marcos, although they can be read in any order.

ISBN 978 84 1363 462 3

Pages: 170
Dimensions: 21 cm x 15 cm

About the author: Alba García Marcos ( Algeciras, Spain, 1985) is a journalist and writer passionate about gastronomy that lives in London since 2014.

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