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Anti Cenicienta by Juan Scaliter and Delia Iglesias

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Anti Cenicienta

by Juan Scaliter and Delia Iglesias

Editorial Chirimbote/ First edition (2018)

Collection Anti Clásicos

Genre: Children classics / Young adults / Versions of classic books

Language: SPANISH

Cordelia, the name of this Anti Cinderella, wanted to write her own story. And for doing that, helped by her granny Coralina, she read all the stories in the world that have Cinderella as the main character ¡since two thousand years ago! Then, Cordelia discovered that her story didn't have nothing in common with the famous maid that felt in love with a prince. In fact she was an intelligent warrior that loved books and figured out clues to save her people. And not only that, she never was bullied by her sisters, and on the contrary they stay stronger together to rescue their king and their father with some ancestral wisdom.

And what about the crystal shoe? Well, this is a mystery that you will know at the end of the story.

This book can be used as an educational resource at the classroom.

Recommended ages: 7 to 13 years old.

Pages 24

Softbinding / Illustrated book

Size 21 cm x 21 cm

Weight 100 g

ISBN 978874 276445

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