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ABCdario Visual Ilustrado in Spanish by Fernando Mendoza

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Visual dictionary
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ABCdario Visual Ilustrado by Fernando Mendoza

Genre: Illustrated Book / Design / Graphic Design

ABCdario Visual Ilustrado shows that reading is so much more than putting several words together in a sentence and interpreting that information. This visual dictionary is not intended to be a detailed study of how to learn the meaning of words and their correct use when using them.

At each page the reader is going to find a design of the specific letter, a word chosen by the author and a famous phrase that encloses it all. Introduction includes 27th ways to use a dictionary by Raúl Pau, a comprehensive, interesting and sometimes historical guide of random uses.

The use of typography, as we know it today, is a form of communication that has evolved into a sophisticated field of graphic design and creativity, and even each letter can be perceived as an illustration with its own personality.

'It is from this point, where my work begins to establish an alphabet with its own meaning, which can be read visually' Fernando Mendoza

About the author: Fernando Mendoza is a Spanish artist and illustrated.

Pages: 86
Dimensions: 15 cm x 21 cm

Binding: Perfect bound


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