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A guide to be an anti princess - Empowerment story for children In Spanish

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Empowerment story for children in Spanish. Publisher: Chirimbote
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Anti espejito: Guía para ser una anti princesa ( Antimirror: Guide to be an anti princess)

Empowerment story for children in Spanish. Our mirror princess is transformed into an Anti princess, like Frida Kahlo, who used to see her own face in a mirror to create her paintings and art. Frida used her "anti-mirror" to look at herself the way she wanted the most, why not use one with ourselves?
We decided to put together a Guide where the "anti" will show all her powers ... Yes! The slogan is that each anti princess is as all she wants to be: it is not necessary to do anything of what we propose here, we simply like to think a bit with you how to let children be free.

This book can be used as a teaching resource in the classroom.

Includes activities at the end of the book.

Recommended ages: 5 to 12 years old/ Young adults with Spanish as a second language

Publisher: Chirimbote (2018)
Language: Spanish
Pages: 24
Size: 24 cm x 24 cm

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