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​Diario del Dinero by Rosario Blefari

Diario del Dinero by Rosario Bléfari focuses on the complicated relationship between an artist and money
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Diario del Dinero by Rosario Bléfari

Genre: Autobiography, Personal diary

Language: Spanish

Publisher: Malsalva ( Argentina ) First edition April 2020

Rosario Bléfari (1965-2020) was an Argentine singer-songwriter, actress and poet, widely considered an emblematic figure of Argentine independent music and cinema. Diario del Dinero, her latest book, focuses on the always complicated relationship between an artist and money.

"I wrote down my expenses and also what I've made, but they were columns of numbers that I've never looked back again and when I did, I didn't understand what they meant. Even if I've written down a date or some other references, it was not enough, in a short time those data did not tell me anything at all. So I've started to write a personal diary, with the entire journey of money and its causes and consequences: I paid for this and that, they paid me for this and with that I replaced what I had taken from there. In fact, it never helped me to organize myself or to calculate, but I was interested in writing the numbers, writing the accounts, making sense to debits and credits. If the usual annotations did not manage to retain something of the passage of money through my life, they did not even manage to control it, recounting it did allow me to observe its presence as a score, a rhythm. Writing this Money Diary I felt like making an investment in myself."

176 pages

Size 14 x 21 cm
ISBN 9789878337050

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