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​Yun Yun (pa' la calor) by Karlina Veras

With a rhythmic prose, Karlina Veras take us to a Caribbean fulfilled of fantasy
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Yun Yun (pa' la calor)

by Karlina Veras

Language: Spanish

'With a rhythmic prose, Karlina Veras take us to a Caribbean fulfilled of fantasy.' José Fonseca.

In this debut book plenty of life and energy, we'll find thirty micro stories.

Yun Yun (pa'la calor) is a collection of flash fiction in Spanish, all varied in style and format, but united by the same theme: abandonment in everyday life. This innovative collection deals with issues of everyday life. This includes stories about parents and children, friends, couples and the most important relationship of all, the one with oneself.

Through her first collection of short stories, Karlina Veras brings to the literary world a very bold proposal, in which she shows her ability to mix genres, voices and great use of the Spanish language in a very natural and elegant way, giving special emphasis to the Latin Caribbean culture.

This wonderful collection hast eh capacity to make whoever opens it pages, laugh and reflect about life at the same time. It is, like all great books, a must read.

Paperback : 128 pages

ISBN-10 : 1527225682

ISBN-13 : 978-1527225688

Product Dimensions : 11.43 x 17.78 cm

Publisher : Karlina Veras ( 23 Oct. 2018 )

Language: : Spanish

Karlina Veras, born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, lives in London, England since 2006. She’s mainly inspired by childhood memories and family anecdotes, and has been writing from an early age. In the autumn of 2017, her short story ‘La Victoria’ was published in an anthology in Spanish called ‘Otras Vidas Posibles’, curated by Battersea Spanish in London, whose prologue was written by the acclaimed Costa Rican author Carlos Fonseca. She is currently working on various projects; including a screenplay and a short story compilation.
When she is not writing, she reads and practices Tai Chi.

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