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​Transterradas - El exilio infantil y juvenil como lugar de memoria

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Transterradas - El exilio infantil y juvenil como lugar de memoria
Child and youth exile as a place of memory

By Marisa González de Oleaga
Carolina Meloni González
Carola Saiegh Dorín

Editorial Tren en Movimiento

Language: Spanish

Genre: Literature and writing / Testimonies / Diaries / Childhood / Exile / Memory

"One of the clearest, permanent and long-term effects of forced displacement is loneliness. Original belonging, that which links us to a human group and a landscape, is suspended and new belongings are usually provisional or become blurred before the hope of return. When the displaced person returns, if he does, she verifies that no one recognizes her anymore. She is the one who left, the one who preserved intact the memory of a world as it was back then. When she looks back, retraces her steps and tries to reinforce her new belonging. But she fails. It is the newcomer, the one who carries another story behind her. This place seems to be the darkest destination for the displaced. And this condition becomes more painful at certain ages. At other times in life, resources abound to cope with this contingency. Some displaced people do so with their family or form a new one in the new place. But in childhood and adolescence the interruption of those belongings or early identifications condemns a very particular loneliness. It is not about the loneliness inherent in all human existence, it is deeper, denser and sometimes devastating".

From the Introduction by Marisa González de Oleaga

Printed in Argentina (2019)
Dimensions: 22 x 14 cm
Pages: 192
ISBN 978-987 3789 50 2

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