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​Redención by Paloma Zoy

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Redención by Paloma Zoy

Language: Spanish

Victorina Press / First edition (2019)

Narrative / Fiction / Novel

Synopsis: This story of redemption and love takes place in a fishing village by the sea on the Caribbean coast of America . For the inhabitants of Redención (Redemption) —of African origin— the religious and the profane, the natural and the supernatural, are part of a whole in which the actions of human beings are permanently linked to the forces that govern the universe.

When Selene, a middle-class white Mexican, comes to Redención to work as a teacher, she falls in love with Felipe, a man younger than her. Together, despite storms, land conflicts and drug trafficking,they build their home in the bush. With Ariel by their side, Felipe's son, they have a family that resists the force of customs and the differences between them, and together they manage to prosper until natural calamities and violent events come to derail their lives. Then the lovers fall into a parallel world, where madness and sanity; past and present; the good and the bad are confused in a prismatic reality of reflections and echoes very similar to magical realism. Trapped in a reality that they cannot control, Selene and Felipe go to a healer, who orders certain sacrifices to scare away the curse that the lovers unleashed when they began a relationship that defied the traditions of the town.

Will the Selene and Felipe be able to break the chains that keep them prisoners of social and cultural conventions?

About the author: Paloma Zoy is a bilingual writer and Redención is her first novel written in Spanish. Born and bred in Mexico City , Paloma started her career in the theatre as an actress aged fourteen. Paloma, a granddaughter of a playwright and niece of a poet, has written poetry all her life but finally found her own voice in the narrative.

Dimensions: 19 cm x 19.8 cm x 1.7 cm

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Pages: 253

ISBN 9 781999 369651

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