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​Historias de brujas y dragones (que nunca nos contaron)

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Historias de brujas y dragones (que nunca nos contaron) by Cecilia Solá / Pitu Saá

Editorial Chirimbote / Serie: Contracuentos

Genre: Narrative / Short Stories for children / Classic tales (recommended age: 4 to 10)

Language: Spanish

Tales of witches and dragons that we were never told. What to tell girls and boys at night? The moment when the lights go down, fears appear in the form of shadows and they await the good night story.

Witches looking for stolen colours, princesses who do not know of manners but dragons, women who rebel, princesses who are afraid but who are also brave!, Giant friends, beautiful sleepers who do not want to be kissed and even a lapachito (a tree with pink flowers) in the middle of the Chaco mountain are characters in these pages.

Tales to immerse yourself in, because you have your sights set on a childhood where questions are allowed, where the history of the country and Latin America mix with mythological beings, and with closeness to their roots.

Printed in Argentina

ISBN 978-987-46756-0-6

Dimensions: 21 x 15 cm
80 pages

Bookbinding: Softcover / Interior black and white with some colour illustrations

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