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​Guerra de soda - Jazmín Varela

Comic by Argentine author Jazmin Varela. Funny and beautifully drawn!
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Guerra de soda by Jazmín Varela

Editorial Maten al mensajero

Genre: Illustrated novel / Comic (recommended ages: young adults and adults)

Language: Spanish

Cycling persecutions, divorces, summers with grandparents and heads with lice. In this book Jazmín Varela is a tricky and sensitive girl who goes through a childhood that scares her a lot. Build on a mutant terrain of the fanzine, she achieves a rough and festive portrait without engulfing herself in the total closing of the autobiographical and stretching the anecdotal to its most revealing sides.

Printed in Argentina (2017)
ISBN 9789874648068
Dimensions: 21x 29,7 cm
Bookbinding: Soft cover
76 pages, colour

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