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​Feminismo para jóvenas (Feminism for Young women) - Nadia Fink

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Feminismo para jóvenas (Feminism for Young women)

By Nadia Fink and Laura Rosso (Compilators) / Pitu Saá and Sipe (Ilustrations

Editorial Chirimbote

Genre: Feminism / Young Adults / Illustrated

Feminismo para Jóvenas is a compilation of various authors and collectives by Nadia Fink and Laura Rosso. The anti-princesses grew up and stopped waiting to be kissed by the prince to wake up from a century-old dream, to suffer the fear of crossing the forest and to carry a little crown on their head that flattened their dreams. They are no longer political and legal subjects: they are shouting on streets, on social networks, in student centers, participating in social and political organizations, in music and the arts, on the radio and in design. These young women make themselves visible to others because they have a fundamental role in more equal societies.

Prologue by Luciana Peker

Dimensions 15 x 22 cm.
224 pages

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