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​Doodle Art Patterns Workshop

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Create your own images by repeatedly drawing patterns. Through this technique you can achieve amazing illustrations
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Create your own images by repeatedly drawing patterns. Through this technique you can achieve amazing illustrations promoting concentration and calm.

Facilitator: Apparan / Workshop in ENGLISH / Virtual: Zoom

Also known as doodling or zentangle, this is an artistic technique that can be used to decorate backgrounds or different areas of an artwork, enriching it with different purely ornamental motifs.

The method is easy to learn, relaxing, and a great way to create abstract images by repeatedly drawing patterns. It is also considered a form of meditation as it helps to increase the concentration through structured drawing. As this practice is also known for its results in increasing artistic satisfaction and well-being anyone can do it! You don't need previous drawing experience to participate in this workshop.

In this online workshop of two hours we will explore different styles of doodling art patterns observing its geometry, floral designs or more elaborate designs inspired by different historical times.

Apparan is a Spanish urban artist based in London. She founded the Art House Project London.

Objectives and development of the workshop

- To explore different types of patterns and styles

- To practice with abstract and figurative figures

- To practice with different mediums and colours

What benefits does this workshop bring?

- Benefits concentration and creativity

- Promotes relaxation

Workshop development

The workshop will be held through the Zoom platform in real time (not pre recorded) and it will be possible to interact with Apparan, the facilitaror and the group of participants.

We will see artworks by leading artists and we will talk about ideas to incorporate in our works.

We will learn different types of patterns step by step as well as their possible applications in more complex artworks.

We will take a tour of the different media and materials with which we can experiment to develop this practice in the future.

What you will need for this workshop:

- pencil, rubber, colour pencils, fine-tipped black marker,

- plotting paper

- optional: watercolours or acrylic paints

Date and price of the workshop

Date: Thursday, June 24th, 2021 from 6 pm to 8 pm ( UK time)

£ 12.- (Early Bird discount until 10th June £ 10.-)

Minimum of participants: 4 / Maximum: 12

Read more about this workshop (in Spanish)

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