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​Cuentos de amor de locura y de muerte - Horacio Quiroga

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Cuentos de amor de locura y de muerte by Horacio Quiroga

Reysa Ediciones

Genre: Narrative / Short Stories

Language Spanish (Argentina)

This collection of stories includes tales about illness, despair, exile, and human brutality. The author himself compiled the selection. Held to be among the greatest writers of short-fiction, Argentine writer Horacio Quiroga has been compared to Kipling and Poe.

Quiroga's life was a tragic parable. He accidentally killed a friend, his first wife committed suicide within a few years of marriage, he was abandoned by his second wife, he fell ill with cancer, and finally, unable to deal with his ghosts, he committed suicide. 'Tales of love of madness and death' is the result of that tormented life and is where he displays all his writing gifts.

In these stories, the mystery is lord and master although always immersed in everyday situations, which increases the impact. Madness and love are constantly intertwined, inevitably leading to death. Their stories, loaded with implicit violence, produce a suffocating tension that is only released with the most unexpected end. The jungle and wild setting of Misiones ( Argentina ) of his age frame his stories.

Printed in Argentina (2005)
ISBN 987 21740 7 5
Dimensions: 14 x 20 cm
Bookbinding: Soft cover
144 pages

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